KINSHA established in 2009

We are expertise in manufacturing office chairs and sofas that are also able to be used variably to the taste of users. As each one of our products are unique in their own way, we have them undergo different design processes and developments that are fitting to their characteristics so that they will be up to standards. We take pride in our products as we continue to pursue to be a company that can stand the test of time with versatility.

Our global participation

Aside from manufacturing, and releasing inventions, we also participate actively in the yearly event of Malaysia International Furniture Fair (MIFF), held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). Visit us there to feast your eyes and sense of touch with the high quality wares that we have to offer. We vow to use eco-friendly materials in both products and packaging manufacturing for the preservation of the earth’s natural state, and for customers to be informed of the importance of seating-related details such as their dimensions, sitting positions, and materials, that are crucial, affecting factors of one’s health.

Our Focus, Our Vision in the core Product

As how a company without a vision would perish, the vision of KINSHA is the purpose to fulfill the needs of customers with various body sizes, shapes, and weight. It may seem impossible, but this is the need that we saw when we were founded, and we have seen the fulfillment of this vision as days pass us by through perfecting this market demand by providing the population with proper ergonomic seats, no matter the user.