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Horizon Highback HRA-01

Horizon Highback HRA-01

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Customize the headrest to your preferred height for personalized comfort and support

Elevate your comfort with our Synchro-tilt Mechanism, seamlessly synchronizing seat and back movements. Enjoy personalized support with three locking positions, ensuring an ergonomic and indulgent seating experience tailored just for you

Adjustable lumbar support allows you to customize the height of the lower back support, ensuring a personalized fit for optimal comfort and posture

Get comfy your way with 3-Way Adjustable Armrests—pick the height, front-back, and tilt to suit your comfort preferences

"Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment" allows easy customization of chair height using an gaslift mechanism for enhanced comfort and ergonomics

Customize your comfort by easily adjusting the seat depth to find your perfect fit, promoting optimal posture and support for a more enjoyable sitting experience

Indulge in luxury with Polyurethane Molded Foam in the headrest and seat, ensuring superior comfort and ergonomic support for an unparalleled seating experience